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2017 Shanghai World Travel Expo VR invites you to play in a different way
Date:2017-5-3     Clicks: 351 Times

       Gold Keteng plastic electronics on 20 April, (reporter: Chen Tao) 2017 Shanghai International Tourism Expo April 20th officially opened in Shanghai, Shenzhen Jinke Teng Plastics Co. Ltd. was honored to be invited to attend the Expo tourism sheng.
      This exhibition focuses on the theme of tourism, so Shenzhen Jinke Teng plastic & Electronic Co. Ltd.The main exhibits are currently the most popular VR glasses and game equipment. VR let the virtual reality propaganda, more personally on the scene of beauty, let the perfect combination of VR and tourism, the travel agency and the tourists understand the benefits of VR VR era, virtual reality is a comprehensive variety of technologies, including real-time 3D computer graphics technology, wide-angle (wide field) stereo display technology, the observer and the head and eyes the hand tracking technology, and tactile / haptic feedback, stereo, network transmission, voice input and output technology. Consumers in many tourism at select a suitable tourist destination. VR open a new era of tourism recommendation, the full range of 360 degrees to show the charm of tourist attractions, but also to bring more travel agents. Therefore, the theme of the exhibition is "Teng Jinke VR lets you go look at the preview! Gather tourism popularity, interactive experience exchange, promote order transactions! Active tourism atmosphere".

Gold Keteng Plastics Co. Ltd. Exhibition (map)

     From the above detailed introduction to VR, travel agencies, tourist attractions, tourism companies to choose traditional media or VR media?

Customer experience show

      In short, is to make travel agencies to change the traditional media publicity, in a different way to travel!

      The Tourism Expo will be closed on April 23rd, I believe that through the tourism event and the perfect combination of VR and tourism use, can bring better prospects for the development of tourism.

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