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Hongkong International Spring Electronics Fair and International Information Technology Expo 2017
Date:2017-5-4     Clicks: 335 Times

      Gold Keteng plastic electronics on 13 April, (reporter: Li Wenjing) 2017 Hongkong International Electronics Exhibition and International Information Technology Expo April 13th officially opened in Hongkong, Shenzhen Jinke Teng Plastics Co. Ltd. was honored to be invited participated in the tourism and education fair.

      Gold Keteng Plastics Co. Ltd. VR Exhibition (map)

      The Hongkong International Electronics Exhibition by the Hongkong Trade Development Council (HKTDC Hongkong) host, is Asia's largest spring Electronics Show, the spring Electronics Exhibition and International Information Technology Expo exhibition held in the same period. The exhibition started mainly in tourism and education as the theme, and the influence is unprecedented, the main body of the media is the implementation of VR can play to play a better role in tourism and education, from around the world participating customers together, face-to-face exclusive VR science and technology the latest research results, to solve the technical problems of the core enterprise. Through the VR all-in-one machine and VR series product demonstration function, allowing customers to experience immersive VR 3D visual effects.

Customer experience VR and technology exchange show (Figure)
      The influence of VR on education, change the traditional mode of teachers to dominate the classroom, change the students' passive acceptance of knowledge, lack of innovative thinking and innovation ability. Multimedia, network, coupled with the rapid development of virtual reality technology. These techniques can provide a friendly and interactive learning environment; can provide multi sensory full of picture and sound etc..
      The Tourism Expo will be closed on April 23rd, I believe that after the exhibition, VR will be able to fully apply to various fields in the near future, and tourism and education sector can play a better role in promoting. 
      It seems that the future is really coming, VR let you look at the world!
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