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2017 Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Show
Date:2017-10-24     Clicks: 285 Times

      (Reporter: Wang Zhen) 2017 Hong Kong International Autumn Electronics Fair and the International Information Technology Expo on October 13 officially opened in Hong Kong, Shenzhen Gold Keteng Teng Plastic Electronics Co., Ltd. was honored to be invited Participated in the tourism fair.

Gold Keteng plastic electronic VR gun Science and Technology Museum display (Figure)


Gold Keteng Plastic Electronics Co., Ltd. exhibition hall (Figure)

Mini arcade



 香港秋季电子产品展是全球最大的电子展, 此次展会重点展区包括电脑及周边产品、数码影像产品、电子游戏产品、电子保健产品、汽车电子及导航系统、办公室自动化及设备,以及检测及认证;此外还有视听产品、电子配件、家用电器、个人电子产品、保安产品及电讯产品。 

     Customer experience AR gun technology exchange display (Figure)

      Range of exhibition:

      1.I-World, e-health products, office automation and equipment, security products, telecommunications products, electronics manufacturing, trade, electronic products, electronic products, electronic products, electronic products Services and so on.

      2. electronic components exhibition: all kinds of electronic components and accessories, components, electronic materials, electronic equipment, instrumentation optics, instruments and tools.

      3. the brand Gallery Gallery: the above two exhibitions of all the contents of the exhibition, and exhibitors have registered trademarks.

      The tour will be closed on October 16, I believe that through the exhibition and seminars, will provide an ideal platform for high-quality exhibitors, international buyers to introduce the latest products and inventions. In this release area, exhibitors have to seize the opportunity to promote, to attend the buyers not only can carefully observe the product, but also to understand the new technology, to explore the source of business opportunities.
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