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Platform: TV
GB321G-SD4PR game consoles are popular all-around power products in our 32-bit game consoles, humanized design, 32-bit multi-threaded PLD MCU design, achieved 99.9% GBA game card, full hardware MCU structure, more lines Power saving, game faster, just through a USB cable, you can support dual handheld machine Internet, synchronous game play, to achieve the two displays show synchronization, action synchronization. This technology is now a major highlight of the field of gaming technology, according to the needs of guests, can be any built-in proprietary games, through the external port protection SD card, AV output, widening 3-inch full color TFT monitor, allowing you to experience the game Fun in the life machine charm.
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  QUANTITY Length(cm) Width(cm) Height(cm) CBM(m3) WEIGHT(kg)
SINGLE    15.25  6.25   0.112 
FINISHED   18   5    0.3

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