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Products - Handheld Game Console- MD16 - MD16
Item. 02
MD161G-SD6PR game is my company 16-bit universal universal power game products, the classic 16-bit Sega machine appearance, human function structure, the game fun, thrilling, it has a SD download, multimedia player, e-book reader , Infrared handle function control and other functions, built-in 100 SEGA latest trend of the puzzle, fighting class, chess games, widening 2.8 inches (3.0 ") full color TFT display, support for TV OUT output, so you wholeheartedly Experience the fun and charm of gaming consoles in your life.
More Details of this Product:

  QUANTITY Length(cm) Width(cm) Height(cm) CBM(m3) WEIGHT(kg)
SINGLE 15.26  6.25     0.11
FINISHED  18  8    0.25
CTN 40  43  41.3 30    13.7 

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